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Many pet parents skirmish with the comprehension that their pet is getting older. But it’s imperative to diagnose the signs of aging and take dealings to ensure your pet’s quality of life doesn’t change.
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Here at Ambassador Animal Hospital present you with vital things you can do in order to aid your pets.

Feed Your pet a Healthful of Diet

Good nutrition is significant at every age, but, according to experts, feeding your pet the correct nutrition in their senior years… is life-threatening to… keeping them active and playful.

Help Your pet Get Ample Exercise

Your dog may be decelerating down but that doesn’t mean he should devote his days curled up on the couch. Exercise is critical to keeping your pets healthy, both physically and mentally. Your pet may not be able to go on elongated hikes with you but shorter, less persistent walks will keep him feeling good.

Keep Your pet at a Healthy Weight

An extra pound on older dogs means more stress on their body, comprising joints and internal organs. If you feel your pets needs to hut a few pounds, talk with your Windsor veterinary about a weight loss and workout plan.

Schedule Regular Check Ups

A lot can happen in between vet visits. Our team of experienced and well- qualified vet’s recommends senior dogs see their vets at least every six months for a checkup. Many diseases and health issues, if caught early enough, can be cured.

Don’t Neglect Your Dog’s Teeth

Unvarying dental care is significant throughout your pet’s life but particularly for seniors. Our team advises the Caring for Your Senior pets says, “Older dogs and cats with abandoned teeth are time bombs ticking.” They further explain how tartar builds up can cause gingivitis, which can root bacteria to get into the bloodstream, inflicting havoc on your pet’s organ.

At this age our pets require more need and attention. It’s up to Windsor vet clinic to monitor their health and take best alternatives to safeguard our pets as healthy and happy as possible in their senior years.

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