Know-How About Puppy Vaccines

Owning and caring for a puppy is a huge responsibility. Vaccination is a part of puppy care, which needs to be carried out to ensure good health for your pup. Instead of pushing six different antigens on your puppy getting one multivalent vaccine is easier on your pet.

DHLPPCV is one common multivalent vaccine.

What does DHLPPCV stand for?

D- Canine Distemper Virus – The disease caused by this contiguous and serious virus has no cure making it more vital for your puppy to have protection against it.

H – Hepatitis – The infection caused by this virus affects the liver mainly.

L- Leptospirosis – Apart from affecting puppies, this bacterial infection affects pigs, dogs, humans and other mammals. It affects the kidneys.

P – Parainfluenza – This virus can cause respiratory infections in puppies.

P- Parvovirus – This fatal virus affects the lining of the intestinal tract.

CV – Coronavirus – This virus is serious too but not fatal. Alike Parvovirus, this virus affects the intestinal tract too but somewhat differently.

Getting vaccination for your pups is extremely important. Equally important is choosing a good vet in Windsor for the health care of your puppy. When you bring home a puppy, you must have him or she examined as soon as possible. A trained and qualified veterinarian will look at the pup’s medical & vaccination history and then suggest the antigen to be applied. If your pup is vaccinated recently, then the vet may schedule a follow-up vaccination. Every veterinarian will have a preferred protocol for vaccinating puppies and for follow-up vaccinations.

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