Oral Health in Dogs and Cats

Dental health is a very important part of a pet’s overall health. Other health problems can cause dental problems as well. It is important to check your pet’s teeth and gums at least once a year by your veterinarian to keep oral problems at bay.

Signs of Dental Problems

It is the pet owner’s responsibility to look for signs of a tooth problem to keep their pet’s mouth healthy.

  • Bad breath
  • Extra teeth or retained baby teeth
  • Broken or loose teeth
  • Pain in or around the mouth
  • Reduced appetite or refusal to eat
  • Bleeding from the mouth
  • Abnormal chewing, drooling, or dropping food from the mouth
  • Teeth that are discolored or covered in tartar
  • Swelling in the gums

Any changes in your pet’s behavior are a potential sign of some irritability in your pet’s health. Veterinary dentistry includes the cleaning, adjustment, filing extraction, or repair of your pet’s teeth and all other aspect of oral health care. A certified veterinary dentist will be able to perform all these procedures. The procedure may take a day or 2-3 sittings depending on the dental problem.

Regular care is the most effective way of preventing dental problems in the first place. Brushing your pet’s teeth every day helps maintain good oral health. If you have questions about your pet’s dental care routine, please give us a call.