Veterinary Exam

Regardless of what age your pet is, they need to have regular doctor’s checkups. A veterinary exam can catch an illness before it’s too late and re-evaluate the care they require. Think of veterinary exams as the routine doctor visit that humans have. Your pet needs at least one veterinary exam each year. (This may increase based on your pet’s health condition or age.)

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What happens during my pet’s veterinary exam?

We usually begin veterinary exams the same way for all pets. We perform a full physical examination of their body. We check their eyesight, skin, their weight and measure their growth. Along with the physical exam, we perform diagnostics to check for any issues that may be a cause for concern. We may ask questions about their lifestyle, eating or any habits/concerns you have with your pet. Based on the results, we’ll recommend medications, special diets, and exercises to maintain or improve their health.

How often should my senior pet have a veterinary exam?

Your pet’s age makes them vulnerable to many illnesses, so they need more than one veterinary exam per year. Senior pets should come in for a doctor’s checkup at least twice within a 12-month period. This allows us to catch any issues in the early stages when they are easy to treat.

If your pet is younger, they will need more veterinary exams too. Puppies and kittens need to come in three times every year. Their immunity is not very strong especially before they have completed other forms of preventative care like vaccines. With three veterinary checkups, we can monitor their health during this key stage of their development. To schedule a veterinary exam for your pet, simply give us a call at 519-971-3100.

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