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Behavioural Counselling

When you first meet your loyal companion, you don’t anticipate that they could become disruptive. As adorable as they are, unfortunately sometimes it is difficult to control their behaviour. This is when you can turn to us for assistance. Our hospital has experts to provide behavioural therapy. We are here to provide professional guidance on how to get your loyal companion to curb their bad habits and other disruptive quirks.

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What are signs that my pet needs behavioural counselling?

At Ambassador Animal Hospital, we tell our clients to come in for a consultation when their pet’s behaviours can potentially cause harm. Bad behaviour is not only disobedience but any actions that are dangerous to other pets, humans or your furry friend. Some signs that your pet may need behavioural counselling are:

  • Soiling the house or destroying furniture
  • Biting, growling, hissing at other pets or people
  • Excessive licking, hiding or pacing

These signs may also be indicative of an underlying medical condition, so it’s important that they are assessed by a veterinarian. If you’ve seen any of these signs in your loyal companion, give us a call at 519-971-3100.

What is causing my pet to show quirky behaviours?

It is difficult to say without examining your loyal companion. Sometimes a pet may show odd behaviours due to an illness or condition. This is why we encourage our clients to come in for a consultation. Once health reasons are ruled out, our veterinarians will assess their lifestyle for answers. Pets can act out for many reasons such as:

  1. Loneliness – They spend most of the day alone with little interaction with humans or other pets. Separation anxiety is very common in various pets.
  2. Changes in their environment – Something as small as moving their litter box can make them act out of character
  3. They are bothered by other animals or even humans – Introducing new people or pets to their space can take some time for them to get comfortable around them.

What will behavioural counselling be like for my pet?

Behavioural counselling for your pet may look different from another pet’s based on the behaviours or actions that need to be fixed. From the first consultation, our team will determine what triggers your pet to behave poorly. From there we will create a behaviour plan to curb your pet’s actions, the plan takes into account any pre-existing health conditions and their lifestyle. We also follow up with our patients to figure out what’s working and if the behaviour modification plan needs to be adjusted.

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