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Hurdles in Pet Obesity Treatment

Posted by admin on March 14, 2016
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Obesity in pets is a growing concern. Despite being a major factor that could affect the quality of the pets’ future lives, the treatment for this condition is majorly ignored. Why?

Because, pet owners and veterinarians fail to recognize the severity of the condition and neither wants to spend the time and effort necessary for successful treatment. This brings to light the most common reason for non-treatment of pet obesity. Treatment of overweight condition would add years to pets’ lives and actually be gainful for veterinary practices.

Attitude of pet owners and veterinarians about the obesity in pets

About seventy percent of pet owners underestimate their pets’ fitness and never mind to take help of a professional. The results were verified in a recent Canadian study. Shockingly, less than 1percent out of 32 percent of pet owners agreed that overweight condition was a problem for their pets. pet obesity

Veterinarians fared no better. Obese Body Condition Scores (BCS) is a far more accurate assessment of fitness and body fat percent than weight is, yet it is widely ignored in general veterinary practice.
Obesity Treatment is Important

If the obesity condition is not treated on time than the long term effects on health can be dreadful. This puts a major impact on the future health of pets. A weight loss program or a diet for weight loss can bring about noticeable changes in your pet’s weight. So, do not let your carefree attitude get in the way of your pet’s health. Talk to your vet in Windsor to help your pet shed weight.