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  • spaying/neutering

  • Vaccinations

  • Nutritional counselling

  • Orthopaedic surgeries

  • Soft tissue surgeries

We are Passionate About Compassionate Care- Vet Clinic

At Ambassador Animal Hospital, your pet's health and comprehensive care is our top concern.

We are Passionate About Compassionate Care!

Your Pet's Health & Comprehensive Care is Our Top Concern

At Ambassador Animal Hospital, your pet's health and comprehensive care is our top concern. Proudly servicing the Windsor area for the past 7 years, we continuously provide you with the best medical services possible and strive to protect your pet from diseases which can be prevented. Whether your pet requires a routine visit or check-up, or emergency service for a more life-threatening situation, our friendly, knowledgeable staff is equipped to accommodate your specific needs with our various veterinary services, which include dentistry, nutritional counselling, spays/neuters, grooming and vaccinations.

New Patients & Walk-Ins Welcome

New patients and walk-ins are always welcomed at Ambassador Animal Hospital. However, we prefer appointments whenever possible. To schedule an appointment, please contact us! For a better idea of our capabilities or to see our dedicated team in action, please see our photo gallery!

Special Promotions – Our Ongoing Educational Effort

As part of our ongoing effort to better educate our clients, we have a monthly feature focusing on a different area of veterinary medicine. Please visit our monthly health topic page for more vital information about this month's topic or be sure to check out our Educational Video Library!

Our Recent Posts

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