• spaying/neutering

  • Vaccinations

  • Nutritional counselling

  • Orthopaedic surgeries

  • Soft tissue surgeries

We are Passionate About Compassionate Care- Vet Clinic

At Ambassador Animal Hospital, your pet's health and comprehensive care is our top concern.

We are Passionate About Compassionate Care!

Your Pet's Health & Comprehensive Care is Our Top Concern

At Ambassador Animal Hospital, your pet's health and comprehensive care is our top concern. Proudly servicing the Windsor area for the past 7 years, we continuously provide you with the best medical services possible and strive to protect your pet from diseases which can be prevented. Whether your pet requires a routine visit or check-up, or emergency service for a more life-threatening situation, our friendly, knowledgeable staff is equipped to accommodate your specific needs with our various veterinary services, which include dentistry, nutritional counselling, spays/neuters, grooming and vaccinations.

New Patients & Walk-Ins Welcome

New patients and walk-ins are always welcomed at Ambassador Animal Hospital. However, we prefer appointments whenever possible. To schedule an appointment, please contact us! For a better idea of our capabilities or to see our dedicated team in action, please see our photo gallery!

Special Promotions – Our Ongoing Educational Effort

As part of our ongoing effort to better educate our clients, we have a monthly feature focusing on a different area of veterinary medicine. Please visit our monthly health topic page for more vital information about this month's topic or be sure to check out our Educational Video Library!

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