Our Services

Exceptional Healthcare for Your Pets

Committed to providing exceptional healthcare for your pets, Ambassador Animal Hospital proudly offers the following services for our diverse clientele:

Vaccinations & Medicine

Keep your pet's chances of being at risk for a serious or fatal infectious disease at bay with routine vaccinations and preventative medicines throughout the year. We can provide you with an updated copy of your pet's medical record for your convenience.


Just like their human counterparts, pets require routine dentistry services, ranging from treatment of periodontal disease, fractured teeth and cavities to preventative check-ups and cleaning.


We have a professional, experienced groomer for both dogs and cats to provide several grooming services so your pet's health is kept in check with proper hygiene.


We offer boarding for cats and small dogs only.


We offer affordable spay and neuter surgeries to help reduce overpopulation in animal rescues and shelters.

Soft Tissue Surgeries

From simple surgical procedures to more complex, invasive ones involving the spleen, kidneys, urinary bladder and perineal urethrostomy as a long-term remedy of urethral obstruction in cats and dogs, we're equipped to handle everyday and emergency surgeries for your pet.

Orthopedic Surgeries

We're also equipped for most orthopedic surgeries involving fractures, knees and hip joints, including the internal fixation of fractured bones, a cruciate ligament, a luxated patella, a femoral head ostectomy, etc.

Nutritional Counselling

Good health often begins with sound nutritional counselling. Find out what foods and nutrients play an important role in keeping your pet healthy well into their golden years.

Heartworm & Flea Prevention/Protection

Because heartworm and fleas can lead to serious complications and other health problems, we offer heartworm and flea prevention products and vaccinations to help keep your pet protected.

Pet Foods & Products

We feature a large selection of pet foods and products from some of the industry's leading manufacturers for all your pet's needs.

Laser Therapy

We offer surgical/therapeutic laser therapy to treat various diseases in dogs and cats.