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Pet Flea Infestation: Symptoms and Treatment

Pets too suffer from flea infestation and lice like humans. Cats, dogs, rabbits and several other pets need regular observation in order to notice if they have got any fleas on their body. Though the pets usually have skin allergies when they are young and sensitive, but infestation can occur at any period of life. If you notice the symptoms given below in your pet, then surely it is infected with fleas.


•    Unusual scratching and itching that develops over time.
•    Red patches on ski
•    Acute hair fall
•    Lesions
•    Flea dirt

Flea infestations should not be ignored in your pets as they worsen over time. Infestation also causes your pets to behave abnormally as they get irritated due to continuous itching and scratching. Lesions occurred due to over-scratching may result in infection. So, it’s better to notice the above mentioned symptoms in your pet and give them proper treatment well in time.



•    Maintain a proper hygiene and give regular baths to your pet – in morning and whenever it gets dirty due to playing in mud or any other dirty areas.
•    Groom you pet. Comb his hair and check if there are any trapped fleas.
•    If you found one, schedule a skin test to find out how worse the infestation is.
•    Visit a vet for further treatment and follow the instructions provided by the vet carefully.

A healthy pet is a happy pet. To keep your pet away from any kind of flea infestation, visit a Windsor vet clinic for regular examination.


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