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Taking Care Of Dental Caries in Cats


Dental caries occur when the hard enamel of tooth gets eroded as a result of the impact of oral bacteria. Your felines can have dental caries at any instance of their lives. The erosion varies from surface to root level and can sometimes cause serious damage to your cat’s smile.

Causes of Dental Caries

Dental caries, as stated, occur when mouth bacteria ferments carbohydrates. The resultant acids released as a result of the process cause the enamel to demineralize, thus causing the bacteria or white blood cells to digest the same. When the tooth is exposed to a constant impact of fermentation, the situation leads to severe tooth decay which causes cavities.

Dental caries can be controlled at the early stages, but once the protein matrix gets damaged, the situation becomes irreversible. Cats with low salivary pH, poor oral hygiene, poorly mineralized enamel and having diets high in fermentable carbohydrates tend to have a higher risk of developing cavities.

Taking Care of Dental Caries

To ensure your cat’s oral health remain in an optimum condition, it is essential to maintain a regular oral hygiene. Get your cat’s teeth brushed regularly and use chew toys and treats to boost the dental health. Make sure that your kitty is having a good diet to balance the pH in the mouth and also ensure to check the mouth of your kitty time to time to notice any lesions or tooth decay.

Visiting an animal hospital in Windsor in time can help you to save the decay of your cat’s tooth. Take your feline to Ambassador Animal Hospital for regular dental checkups and let it stay lifelong with the teeth it was born with.