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Preventive Healthcare For Pets From Windsor Vet Clinic

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A pet’s health is a matter of big concern and every pet owner should give a routine checkup for it. Choosing the right vet clinic for your pet is a big decision. And, when there are a number of choices of Windsor vet clinic, one should go with the clinic that provides utmost care to your pet with ease and comfort. Windsor veterinarians provide all the basic veterinary care which you can expect and that too with a special interest in high-quality dentistry, rehabilitation, behavior, clinical pathology and more. They go above and beyond in order to serve each patient’s personal necessities. The top animal hospitals strive to stay at the forefront are always indulged in adding innovative services to help their patients as happy and healthy as possible. Their dedicated team aims at making each visit fear-free and positive for your pets. With a variety of techniques and methodologies, they work with the pet and the pet owner one-on-one to create a visit to the animal hospital that is beneficial to the customer in all ways.

Thus, the Windsor vet clinic strives to make a positive impact on our community by serving excellent veterinary medications. Top veterinarians provide the best care to the pets. Each patient receives bespoke services including dentistry, surgeries, nutritional counseling, grooming, pet foods & products and a lot more. The best way to explore healthcare services available to your pets is to contact the best veterinarians who are proudly serving the Windsor area from the past 7 years by providing the best medical services possible.

Windsor Veterinarians Catering Exceptional Healthcare For Your Pets

A pet’s health is a matter of great consideration. A pet owner should always be attentive about its pet’s health. One should know whether your pet’s health is  well or not. Apart from this, a proper nutrition care is also necessary for them. Just like we are so much watchful about our own health, we should also be observant about our pet’s health. One may not completely fulfill a pet’s needs and nutritional requirements. For this, one can consult with the best vet in Windsor who can completely look after your pet’s comprehensive healthcare. Also, they are proficient in providing services like vaccinations, dentistry, grooming, surgeries and more. Also, one can get a wise advice on pet foods and products from an animal hospital that should be offered to them.

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Providing proper preventive measures against the harmful impact of diseases like heartworm is another major concern. The Windsor veterinarians use a once-a-month medication during the time when your pet is at a risk of contracting the disease. These preventive measures are also helpful in protection against ticks, fleas, gastrointestinal parasites and more. You can get in touch with one of the best vets in Windsor for your pet’s regular checkup and nutritional counseling. Moreover, you will be carefree once you leave your pet to the Veterinarians who know the healthcare practices and will be able to prevent them from harmful diseases. If you are worried about your pet’s health and want the best regular checkup, nutritional counseling, preventive vaccinations etc. get in touch with the best vet in Windsor.

Keep Your Pet’s Teeth And Gums Healthy And Strong!

While diet plays a role in dental disease, there is also a genetic constituent. Some pets may need very little dental care, while others might necessitate full cleanings under anaesthesia once or even twice a year.

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Outstanding dental health requires help from your veterinarian as well as a firm promise to home care from you. While no surgery is risk-free, modern anesthetics, together with suitable monitoring and helpful care, make this a very low risk procedure, even for older animals (who usually need it the most!).

We at Ambassador Animal Hospital provides some steps to prevent dental and periodontal disease:

1. Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is imperative for dental health, just as it is for overall well-being. The healthier the animal, the better the immune system, and the fewer infection will grow.

2. Brushing at Home

The best way of eliminating plaque and stopping dental disease at home is brushing the teeth. Ideally, you should brush your pet’s teeth daily. Even if you don’t see any problems, it is best to have your pet’s teeth professionally gutted prior to beginning a home-care program, to make sure there are no painful areas in the mouth that might endanger your success.

3. Dental Care Products

There are many dental care products advertised for pets.

4. Regular Check-Ups

Consistent check-ups are extremely important, especially for the older animal. At least once a month, you can give your pet a over-all dental wellness check; be sure to lift the lips enough to see the farthest-back teeth, which are often the basis of trouble.

5. Dental Procedures

If your Windsor veterinarians finds tartar build-up or any periodontal disease, deliberate having a full dental cleaning performed under anaesthesia. Your companion will certainly benefit from a healthier and much more contented mouth.

Prodigious dental care can be the best gift you can give your companion. It needs a promise of time and effort on your part and will help keep your pet healthy and certainly outspread the life. For more information about our Windsor vet clinic, connect via +519-971-3100 or ambassadorah@gmail.com!


During the holiday season, we take many things for granted, such as mistletoe and tree trimmings, but may not comprehend that holiday traditions hold possible danger for our companion animals. Before this holiday season reaches, pet-proof your house and diminish household risks for your pets. We at Ambassador Animal Hospital believe that automobile maintenance, fire hazards, toxic household chemicals, and poisonous houseplants are all areas to pay special attention.
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Beware Of the Holiday Feast

Many of us are obliged to give our companion animals a little taste of the holiday and spread the good cheer. However, in reality, we may be giving them nothing more than a few moments of taste bud heaven and numerous days of gastrointestinal disaster.

Holiday Fare May Send Fido to the Emergency Room

Holiday food presents more than one prospective problem for your pets, exclusively your dogs. Giving your dog rich foods s/he is not used to eating, such as ham, stuffing, and any other holiday leftovers, can cause nausea and vomiting and may lead to more grave conditions. The harmless way to show your dog love is by giving him or her more quality time, not your food.


The “typical” pancreatitis victim is middle aged or older and overweight. It’s common in both males and females and very often trails a big party or holiday meal. Pancreatitis may happen only once in your pet’s life or it may become a chronic condition. It can rapidly become fatal or cause grim side effects, such as shock, blood clotting disorders, heart arrhythmias, and liver or kidney damage.

Chocolate Toxicity

Chocolate contains a intoxicating called the bromine. It is safe for humans but venomous to our pets. Unsweetened chocolate is the most damaging. Lesser amounts can cause problems as well, such as serious gastrointestinal upset.

Poisonous Houseplants

There are many poisonous houseplants, some causing only mild gastrointestinal upset, others causing kidney damage and eventual death. The ingestion of azalea, oleander, mistletoe, sago palm, Easter lily, or yew plant material by an animal could be fatal and should be treated immediately by Windsor veterinarians.

Keep an eye on your pets and have a safe holiday with the help of animal hospital Windsor. Get in touch with us +519-971-3100 or ambassadorah@gmail.com.

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