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How Does Spaying Change Your Dog’s Behavior?

When your female dog is around 6-9 months old, she would enter her reproductive phase. Around this time, they start producing a hormone called estrogen and go into ‘heat’ or estrus cycle, making them sexually active. Spaying is as we discussed in our last blog, a surgical procedure to control the over pet population and prevent your dog from getting pregnant by chance. Although it doesn’t cause any significant changes in the regular behavior of your pet, it definitely affects their mannerism related to their heat cycle.

Here are some changes you might notice:

1. You would no longer have to confine your dog indoors to prevent her roaming around in search for males to mate. Spaying dogs reduces their innate need to mate and thus they run lower risk of escaping on mate hunt.

2. When a female is on heat, she urinates frequently to attract the males by the smell of the urine. Having your dog spayed would reduce both the frequent urination and the bloody discharge after, both of which are common during heat cycle.

3. Just like in human females, dogs also feel mood changes due to the hormonal changes happening in their body because of ovulation, making them nervous, aggressive, irritated or depressed. Spayed dogs have more consistent behaviors as compared to those who have not been spayed.

However, spaying as we have already mentioned before is a surgical process and should only be performed by a professional veterinarian. Reach out to Ambassador Animal Hospital in Windsor for expert veterinary treatments and consultations.

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