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Pet Flea Infestation: Symptoms and Treatment

Pets too suffer from flea infestation and lice like humans. Cats, dogs, rabbits and several other pets need regular observation in order to notice if they have got any fleas on their body. Though the pets usually have skin allergies when they are young and sensitive, but infestation can occur at any period of life. If you notice the symptoms given below in your pet, then surely it is infected with fleas.


•    Unusual scratching and itching that develops over time.
•    Red patches on ski
•    Acute hair fall
•    Lesions
•    Flea dirt

Flea infestations should not be ignored in your pets as they worsen over time. Infestation also causes your pets to behave abnormally as they get irritated due to continuous itching and scratching. Lesions occurred due to over-scratching may result in infection. So, it’s better to notice the above mentioned symptoms in your pet and give them proper treatment well in time.



•    Maintain a proper hygiene and give regular baths to your pet – in morning and whenever it gets dirty due to playing in mud or any other dirty areas.
•    Groom you pet. Comb his hair and check if there are any trapped fleas.
•    If you found one, schedule a skin test to find out how worse the infestation is.
•    Visit a vet for further treatment and follow the instructions provided by the vet carefully.

A healthy pet is a happy pet. To keep your pet away from any kind of flea infestation, visit a Windsor vet clinic for regular examination.

Dog Dental Care Guide For Busy Pet Owners

You ignore the hygiene of your own teeth and they will rot and fall off eventually. The same goes for your dog’s dentition! We understand that you find it difficult to take much time off your already busy schedule to cater to the other natural necessities of your pet, let alone brush his/her teeth daily like yours; here are some simple healthy dental tips you can benefit largely from (and they are easy-breezy!):

1.    If you are using the regular brush and paste method, one thing to absolutely remember is to use only pet paste and not the regular human toothpaste as some of its ingredients are not good for dogs.

2.    If your pet doesn’t like the taste of pet paste that much, try using Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) instead which is antiviral, antibacterial and a great material for maintaining the oral health of your pet.

3.    You can make the dental care routine more delicious for your dog with the use of those chewy dog treats designed to keep their canine teeth healthy. Vegetables like celery and lightly steamed carrots work as canine dental floss and help them keep their teeth polished while they gnaw on them.

Besides these, you can schedule a professional dental cleanup in the nearest Windsor vet clinic on your day offs from work (at least once a month). Ambassador Animal Hospital has a professional team of veterinarians and groomers to provide both dentistry and grooming services for pets. Get in touch today at 519-971-3100.

Medical Benefits Of Spaying/Neutering Dogs

Spaying is a surgical procedure performed on female dogs to control pet overpopulation. Although the general spaying age is 6- 9 months, healthy puppies of up to 8 weeks can also be spayed. Older dogs have higher chances of developing post operative complications especially if they are overweight.
If done correctly and by professional vets, spaying provides many medical benefits, some of which are listed here.

Spaying can help prevent several medical conditions like:

1.Breast cancer- Spaying female dogs before their first heat can significantly reduce their chances of developing cancerous mammary tumors. Dogs spayed before their first heat have 0.05% risk of developing breast cancer; this rate increases to 8% in dogs spayed after their first heat and a shocking 26% in dogs spayed after completion of 2 estrus cycles.

2.Uterine and/or Ovarian tumors- Although rare in dogs, some breeds are more inclined to develop ovarian or uterine tumors later in life. Getting your dog spayed will completely eliminate this possibility at any time of the dog’s life.

3.Uterine bacterial infections- Pyometra bacteria are known to cause a fatal infection in dog’s uterus. Almost 25% of all unsprayed female dogs contract pyometra before the age of 10 years. Get your pet spayed or neutered to protect them from this terminal infection.
One of the most important things to remember is to consult only a qualified Windsor veterinary doctor to perform the spay surgery of your pet. Ambassador Animal Hospital also provides spaying and neuter surgeries for animals under controlled medical care. To book a consultation, call 519-971-3100 or visit us at 1345 Tecumseh Road West, Windsor, ON, N9B 1T5.

Identifying The Various Cat Skin Allergies

Cats, as every cat owner would know are pretty secretive and maintain a mysterious aura around them. Due to this, their owners have to be a little more observant about any abnormal behaviour changes or physical anomalies so as to detect any allergies they might be infected to. Some of the common cat skin allergies are listed here for your convenience:

1.Sores on ears and face- If your furry pet has sores in the form of small red lesions that do not get resolved on their own after a few days, make an appointment with your veterinarian in Windsor and get it checked.

2.Flaky skin- Although insufficient minerals in diet are the primary cause of flaky skin and dull coat in cats; it can also be due to an allergic reaction to some ingredient in their food. If you are providing a balanced diet to your pet and still facing such issues, consult a professional vet.

3.Masses- Masses are the skin swellings that form almost 1/3rd of the skin infections in cats reported to vets in Canada. Diagnostic tests like aspirates and biopsies are required to determine the cause, the most common among all being abscesses.

4.Hair Loss- From the multitude of reasons of cat hair loss, ectoparasites like fleas, infections like ringworms, stress and allergies form the major causes. It can also be indicative of some chronic diseases like pancreatic tumors and various other types of cancers, thus it is essential to get veterinarian consultation as soon as possible.

The expert veterinarians at Ambassador Animal Hospital can be easily reached at 519 971 3100 or via email at ambassadorah@gmail.com.

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