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Reasons Your Cat Is Shedding Her Coat So Often


We all love caressing our kitty’s smooth and silky furry back when she jumps up in our lap. But like our hair, cat’s coat also needs special attention. The coat protects the felines from heat, cold, wind and rain. It performs the sensory function and also produces vitamin D. But, there are certain reasons that can result in spreading your kitty’s hair all over your house.

These include:


•    Improper nutrition

Proper nutrition is the first and foremost factor that maintains your pet’s proper health. Deficiency of proteins, vitamins and fatty acids result in weakness in cats. They should be given a Omega 3 and Omega 6 rich diet to ensure that their fur receives proper moisture and nutrition.

•    Over-weight

If your cat is gaining weight, then it will affect her body’s overall health which will show in the health of her mane. Makes sure your cat is active. Go for strolls with her and play in park to ensure her fitness.

•    Age

As pets age, their body’s ability to function properly decreases and they start losing their coat.

•    Lack of grooming

Regular bathing of your cat is necessary to keep infectious diseases, itchiness or any flea/ticks at bay. Massage and brush her coat to keep it sleek and shiny.

•    Frequent baths

Too much baths are also not good for cats’ fur as it robs their skin of essential oils that keep their hair roots moisturized and strong.

•    Any infection or disease

Cats start to lose their fur very fast if they suffer from any infectious or severe disease. So, you should keep an eye on their behavior to examine their health patterns.

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