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Our Vets In Windsor : Giving Comprehensive Care To Your Pets


Don’t be a threat to your pets by dismissing being chubby for being cute. Obesity is a serious disorder that is eating its way through the majority of pets. A staggering 35% of Canadian pets are considered overweight! It is time to consider the plethora of disorders and diseases that are associated with obesity. While some of the effects of obesity can be reversed through attentive diet changes and increased physical activity, some remain for life. The longer the excess weight is on the body, the more severe the damage to the body will be.

Some of the conditions that can occur as a result of excess weight are:

  • Exercise intolerance, decreased stamina
  • Respiratory compromise (breathing difficulty)
  • Heat intolerance
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Diabetes or insulin resistance
  • Liver disease or dysfunction
  • Osteoarthritis (lameness)
  • Increased surgical/anesthetic risk
  • Lowered immune system function
  • Increased risk of developing malignant tumors (cancer)

If your pet needs to shed the extra few pounds, the above stated consequences will serve as the right motivation for you. Our vets in Windsor will help your pets in this journey towards a better health. Our team of professionals hold more than just a degree. They are dedicated and compassionate about their work and towards your beloved pet. With us in the picture, your pets are in good hands.