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Let Expert Treat Your Pet’s Obesity


Obesity is a stern welfare concern in pets because in future it can cause suffering and can be extremely immobilizing. Further, it can affect your pet’s ability to perform natural comportments.  Pet’s obesity can also cause serious health problems and can even make prevailing problems shoddier and moreover, it can reduce the stretch and quality of your pet’s life.

We at AMBASSADOR ANIMAL HOSPITAL believe that obesity is the major threat for our pets and it need to be reduced in order to provide pets with best health. Vet in Windsor make it a point to provide best health care facilitates to your pets at affordable prices. Our well qualified and experienced team takes all the foremost steps in order to make your pets healthy and preventive from all major issues. The good news we bring with us is that mostly health issues are curable as well as preventive.

Our clinic is well equipped with all the basic as well as major facilities and the veterinarian Windsor undertakes many surgeries and even performs grooming to your pets at reasonable prices. We pushed to new era where we focus on the perfect well -being of the pets and so for that we introduced many vaccinations and medication to serve the pets for the best. With finest quality services, we have provided the waiting area for pets where they can wait for their vets in calm and soothing environment. Finally enjoy more years together with your pets by providing them with best health and care.

If you have any further questions or concerns, fell free to contact us at 519-971-3100 or  – as they are best resource to ensure your pet’s health and well -being.