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Learn Know-How of Spaying or Neutering of Pets?


It is often seen that there are thousands of dogs & cats that left stray on the roads or just born there without any proper care and treatment. These homeless animals suffer abuses, abandonment, homesickness and some even have the tragic ending. So, it is important that you spay or neuter your pets as it is not only the unnecessary population that directs you to do it but their health as well.

Spay and neuter of pets

Ambassador Animal Hospital has experienced veterinarians who will explain why it is important that you spay/neuter your cat or dog. But what does it means?

Spaying is done on female pets where their ovaries and uterus are removed through the operation and which offer them lifelong health benefits.

Neutering is done on male pets where their testicles are removed and this helps in improving their behaviour and keeps them from wandering outside.

According to our Windsor veterinarians, these veterinary procedures help reduce the health risks, physical stress and improve the behaviour of your pets. Other important reasons to spay/neuter your pets are as follows –

  • Spaying your female pet also prevents her from diseases like uterine infections, breast cancer, etc and if you do this process before her first heat, then it offers her best protection against diseases. Similarly, Neutering will prevent your male animal from unwanted littering and also from testicular cancer.
  • By spaying your female animal, she won’t go into heat during their breeding season and in a similar manner, you male animal will not go into frenzy mating mode, if he is neutered.

During such frenzies, many un-neutered dogs or cats mark their territory by spraying strong-smelling urine all over the house or if are allowed to roam freely at this time, then they risk the fights with other males or could get injured from traffic. So, many aggression problems can be avoided by early neutering.

  • This veterinary procedure is highly cost-effective and you don’t have to spend much. In fact, this is much economical, then taking care of their litters and might even from situations, where you have to shed some notes for your pet’s mistakes like fighting with the neighbour’s pet or might have even bite someone.
  • Spaying & neutering of your pet animals is also better for the keeping the society peaceful as they can cause problems like the obvious population thing that you might not even know about. By doing so you indirectly help them by reducing the number of animals on the streets who are not taken care of.
  • Spaying and Neutering help in controlling their over-population. There have been Studies that explains that every year, there are millions of cats and dogs of different ages and different breeds who are either being euthanized or suffered the label of being stray animals. So, you might help them here by controlling their breeding power and help their souls from meeting tragic ends.

So, bring you pet animals to our animal hospital in Windsor where we will take their comprehensive care and offer the treatment with complete responsibility. Our Veterinarians are the expert of their fields and serving the pets for different problems for past seven and more years.

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