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The holidays stir up exhilaration and expectancy for loads of doings, meals and adornments. But, if you are a pet owner, you should also contemplate how festive plants, lighting and other deviations round the household valor the impact of the safety of your pets.

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So, how accurately can a pet owner finest formulate for the outings? We at Ambassador Animal Hospital recommend some easy to follow tips you can integrate into your holiday campaigns to make certain that your pets stay benign:

  • Secure, hide or cover electrical cords and electronics- Be sure all cords are taped down and out of reach for your pets as they chew them up, or even experience an electric shock.
  • Keep your pet’s regular routine as unswerving as possible – Try to keep your pet on their consistent daily routine because they don’t acclimate to change very well.
  • Keep posted vaccinations and ID tags- Make sure ID tags take account of your current address and contact information. This should be done year-round, but is imperative during the holidays as you generally have many guests in the home.
  • Construct a safe haven for your pets- Many pets have an area or room where they feel safe. This is exclusively central for your pet’s security during the holidays when there are many strangers around, as well as lots of loud noises.
  • Keep a list of emergency phone numbers for your pet – You should continuously have the contact statistics for your Windsor veterinarians, a 24-hour pet hospital, and the Animal Poison Control Center easily available.

We at Animal Hospital in Windsor don’t want to collapse all your holiday decorating fun. Enjoy your holidays and keep your pets safe and sound.

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