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Is Your Puppy Healthy And Strong?


Puppies and kitten require special care for a healthy and long span of life. The best care is provided to your pet in the younger days of his/ her life so that your pets attain the proper growth. The veterinarians of Ambassador Animal Hospital offer years of experience in caring for your younger pets. Our enlightened approach is all-embracing, addressing your pet care needs from disease stoppage to appropriate pet behavior.

Providing your pets with basic care should be the on the top list of providing your pet with great health. Here are some of the listed following you should consider before adopting a pet:

  • Vaccination and physical exams

Younger pet needs more care and love in order to provide them with extreme health development. In the initial years of your pets, there are some vital medications and vaccinations that need to be provided to your pet so that any disease cannot attract your pets. A series of vaccinations are offered during their younger days due to underdeveloped immune systems.

  • Diagnostic testing

All puppies and kittens are born with worms, so the team of professionals’ advice for a regular testing in the early stages of life so that we know what the problem is and how to cure that.

  • Additional suggestions

Our staff provides additional services and some piece of great advice in order to present you with great health benefits for your pet. Other services like surgeries, dentistry, grooming, diet counseling and behavioral training / socialization.

All pets require regular checkups and visits and Windsor veterinary delivers the top- services related to health of your pets. Team will always check to make sure that your cats or dogs specific needs are met.

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