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Do you know that the pet at your home, whether a dog or a cat, can be a victim of seasonal allergy? Well! If you don’t know this, then it is time that you should make yourself aware of such scenarios that can cause problem for your furry buddies.

Ambassador Animal Hospital has skilled and experienced Windsor veterinarians with us who are very passionate about your pet’s health. We have list down some of the information that you need to know about –

Pet Allergies

There are basically two types of allergies in your pet – food allergies and environmental allergies. Just like you, these fuzzy furballs can feel miserable during the change in a season thanks to the pollens and other environmental allergens. The allergies in your pet dogs and cats might even take the form of skin irritation or inflammation, commonly called as allergic dermatitis that persists year-round.


As dog and cat allergies take the form allergic dermatitis, so your dog’s or cat’s skin will become very itchy.

  • They will start scratching excessively, and might bite or chew at certain areas of their body to relieve the miserable itchiness by any means possible.
  • As these itching grow more, their skin becomes inflamed and tender to the touch.
  • Other signs of allergic dermatitis include areas of hair loss, open sores on the skin, and scabbing and often there will be bleeding and hair loss.
  • Your dogs might also have problems with his/her ears as the ear canals may be itchy and inflamed. The signs of this are scratching at the ears, head shaking, and hair loss around the ears or they may grow infected with yeast or bacteria that produce odour and a discharge from the ears.
  • Other signs if the pet has allergies include puffy red eyes, red oral tissue, a red chin, red paws and even a red anus.

Seasonal to Year-Round Allergies

Allergic reactions affect your pet’s immune system and it affects it even more when is caused due to seasonal environmental allergies. So, the more your pet exposed to the allergens he’s sensitive to, the more intense and long-lasting his allergic responses will be.


There are several treatment methods available for treating pet animals with seasonal allergies. The best one is the bath which is the most basic and the most effective way of treating their allergies. From oral to medicated baths, there are various forms of baths that help ease your pets’ allergies.

Regular foot soaks and frequent baths during the warmer months give complete and immediate relief to an itchy pet and wash away the allergens on the coat and skin. Foot soaks are a great way to reduce the amount of allergens your pet tracks into the house and spreads all over his/her indoor environment. Also, vacuum and clean the floors and your pet’s bedding frequently using simple, non-toxic cleaning agents rather than household cleaners containing chemicals.

Other than this, you can bring your pet to our animal hospital in Windsor for better treatment. We provide the most comprehensive treatment for your dog’s/cat’s better health.

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