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Having a pet by your side is like a companion who is going to love you forever! But it can be troublesome task to determine when your pet is about to enter in “senior years” of their life. It has been observed that pets around this age start delivering some kinds of health issues and pet owners see diverse changes in physical health of pets.  For better screening and wellness checks you can bring your pets at Ambassador Animal Hospital. Our vets provide that passionate care to your pets and treat them like their own.
veterinarian Windsor

How do we care?

  • Our team of dedicated and experienced vets cares about promoting optimal care and providing precautionary and therapeutic medicine for our senior pets.
  • We are our animal’s caregivers and thereby take accountability for providing our pet’s with a life that is as close to free from pain and uneasiness as possible.
  • Our top of the line methodology is that of treating them with preventative medicine (preventing serious problems before they start) as well as prompt detection of problems, permitting us to come up with operative treatment procedures.
  • We take every possible step to carefully scrutinize your pet, gain in depth information about how your pet is doing at home, then move ahead with tests if required and contingent to that provide medication and recommend activities, supplements and diet changes that may build a huge difference in your senior pet’s health and relaxation.

We know it is tranquil to get frustrated and feel disconnected with an aging pet that is commencing to have health problems and it takes time to manage your pets at home and provide frequent veterinary care. As a veterinary team, the veterinarian Windsor aims to retain the human-animal bond strong by taking away the hindrance, guilt, and misunderstanding that can come with loving care for a senior pet.

Still have some clouds of doubt hovering over you; simply connect with us +519-971-3100,