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During the holiday season, we take many things for granted, such as mistletoe and tree trimmings, but may not comprehend that holiday traditions hold possible danger for our companion animals. Before this holiday season reaches, pet-proof your house and diminish household risks for your pets. We at Ambassador Animal Hospital believe that automobile maintenance, fire hazards, toxic household chemicals, and poisonous houseplants are all areas to pay special attention.
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Beware Of the Holiday Feast

Many of us are obliged to give our companion animals a little taste of the holiday and spread the good cheer. However, in reality, we may be giving them nothing more than a few moments of taste bud heaven and numerous days of gastrointestinal disaster.

Holiday Fare May Send Fido to the Emergency Room

Holiday food presents more than one prospective problem for your pets, exclusively your dogs. Giving your dog rich foods s/he is not used to eating, such as ham, stuffing, and any other holiday leftovers, can cause nausea and vomiting and may lead to more grave conditions. The harmless way to show your dog love is by giving him or her more quality time, not your food.


The “typical” pancreatitis victim is middle aged or older and overweight. It’s common in both males and females and very often trails a big party or holiday meal. Pancreatitis may happen only once in your pet’s life or it may become a chronic condition. It can rapidly become fatal or cause grim side effects, such as shock, blood clotting disorders, heart arrhythmias, and liver or kidney damage.

Chocolate Toxicity

Chocolate contains a intoxicating called the bromine. It is safe for humans but venomous to our pets. Unsweetened chocolate is the most damaging. Lesser amounts can cause problems as well, such as serious gastrointestinal upset.

Poisonous Houseplants

There are many poisonous houseplants, some causing only mild gastrointestinal upset, others causing kidney damage and eventual death. The ingestion of azalea, oleander, mistletoe, sago palm, Easter lily, or yew plant material by an animal could be fatal and should be treated immediately by Windsor veterinarians.

Keep an eye on your pets and have a safe holiday with the help of animal hospital Windsor. Get in touch with us +519-971-3100 or