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Like humans, dogs and cats are very vulnerable to heat strokes in summers. But unlike us, they don’t have options to exude heat out of their bodies. The reason being –

  • Humans can deal with the hot and humid climate by going to a shady area while pets have to be at one place where their owner has left them and if it is hot, then they have no option.
  • Humans can remove clothes if feel uncomfortable, but dogs or cats have fur over their bodies,
  • Humans have sweat pores all over their body, so removal of heat is easy, but it is not the case with the pets as they can only let out their body heat by panting.

So, this excessive environmental heat and no alternative to take heat out of the body, the pets suffer from heat strokes. According to a survey, during summers 48% of pet’s case treated by vets are of heat stroke. So, a dog or cat owner must know about these do’s and don’ts that can help you take better care of your animal in summer season. The Veterinarians of Ambassador Animal Hospital, the best Windsor vet clinic, have listed them below.



Do’s in Hot Summer Season

  • During summers, take your dog for walks in the early morning or evening.
  • Continuously supply ample amount of fresh water for your pet.
  • Keep a portable supply of water with you when taking your pet for a walk during summers.
  • If your pet is panting more than normal, shift them to a cooler and shady area, whether they want it or not.
  • For Dogs & Cats with long and dense fur, you can lessen the heat effect in them by cutting their fur to a minimum, so that they can easily breathe. Please note that, you should never shave them.
  • Give your pet less and warm food in hot weather, and feed in the early morning or evening.

Don’ts in Hot Summer Season

  • Never exercise your pet like running them or similar activities in the full heat of the day during summer months.
  • Never keep your animals in enclosed areas like cars or other vehicles as these areas have limited air space and are surrounded by heat-intensifying glass that creates a dangerous combination of factors that lead to heat strokes in animals.
  • Never keep them in the hot weather outside as it can result into a rapidly increasing core body temperature of your pet.

Other than these ways, you can always take your dogs and cats to our Windsor veterinary hospital for regular checkups. We are glad to be of assistance and will provide the suitable vet solutions for your pet animals.

For any kind of query and information for your pet’s health you can call us on + 519-971-3100 or you can mail us on