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Consult Windsor Vet Clinic To Keep Your Pet Healthy Into Their Golden Years


Pet’s healthcare is a big concern for every pet owner. Some clinics commit to providing exceptional healthcare for your pets and they serve a number of services which includes:

  • Vaccinations and Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Grooming
  • Boarding
  • Spay, Neuters
  • Soft Tissue Surgeries
  • Orthopedic Surgeries
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Heartworm and Flea Prevention/Protection
  • Pet foods and Products
  • Laser Therapy

Windsor Vet Clinic gives routine vaccinations and medicines throughout the year with an updated record of your pet’s medical health for your convenience. Just like us, pets also require a routine dentistry service from periodontal disease, fractured teeth to regular check-ups and cleaning. They have experienced professional groomer for dogs and cats to provide a proper grooming service to them so that they can be kept in proper hygiene. At the vet clinic, spay and neuter surgeries are also offered in order to help reduce overpopulation in animal shelters and rescues. Whether it’s about a simple surgical procedure or a complex one, they are equipped to handle emergency and everyday surgeries for your pet. Also, they are proficient in most orthopedic surgeries involving knees, hip joints, fractures, luxated patella, femoral head ostectomy etc.

Good health always comes from a sound nutritional counseling. The pet owners should know which foods and nutrients play the vital role in their health. If we talk about the disease, then heartworm and fleas can lead to serious complications and health problems, the vet clinics provide flea prevention vaccinations to help your pet be protected. As Windsor Vet Clinic is proficient in serving the entire pet’s need, one must consult them for their healthy and nutritious health.