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Pet Obesity Is A Serious Problem

We all strive to stay in shape. After long hours of office, we drag ourselves to the gym or incorporate healthy greens into our diets. The motive is not to just look good but to stay healthy and therefore lead a rich life. Just like us, our beloved pets need to stay in shape. Pet obesity is a real thing and has today become the number one health threat. A staggering 35% of Canadian pets are considered overweight! In view of this, it is imperative to get your pets the care they need.

Heavier pets are prone to a torrent of weight-related disorders. Some of these disorders are:

• Arthritis
• Diabetes
• Decreased life expectancy
• High blood pressure
• Cancer

If your pet needs to shed a few pounds, the above stated consequences will serve as the right motivation for you. Our veterinarians in Windsor will help your pets in this journey towards a better health. Your animals depend on you to make wise decisions for them. Don’t fail them and provide them with a comprehensive diet.

Obesity also causes animals to be lethargic. Inactivity in pets is a serious problem. Talk with our veterinarians in Windsor about specific strategies to keep your pet at a healthy weight. Your pets will be happier, have fewer medical problems, and you’ll enjoy more years together. Don’t confuse plumpness with cuteness. Obesity can be as life threatening to your pets as it is to you.

Are You Worried About Your Pet’s Teeth And Gums?

Just as you look after your teeth to avert plaque and dental disease, you also need to take care for your pet’s teeth. Maintaining healthy gums is imperative. This is the preliminary point of any dental program. The gums shield the underlying tissues and bone that anchor and upkeep the teeth in your pet’s mouth. We at Ambassador Animal Hospital took the initiative to present you with all the whereabouts of your pet’s dental paraphernalia!

What is gum disease?

Gum disease, or periodontal disease is produced by bacterial infection that shapes up in a constituent called plaque. Plaque is prepared up of food particles and saliva. It gladly sticks to the tooth surface above and below the gum line and if not detached will calcify into tartar (or calculus). And over time the bacterial infection in tartar causes irremediable changes. These embrace the destruction of supportive tissues and bone, subsequent in red gums bad breath and slackening of teeth.

How do you discern if your pet has gum disease or not?

It has been observed that after three years old, pet’s starts to obtain some form of periodontal diseases. So gaze out for the signs such as:

  • Bad Breath
  • Loose teeth
  • Bleeding gums – Discolored teeth
  • Declining gums
  • Unwillingness to chew or eat

What kind of measures you should take?

If you think your pet is viewing the signs of gum disease it is significant that treatment take place instantaneously before any irreversible changes occur.

Treating gum disease comprises thorough scaling and flushing to eradicate tartar, plaque and infection from above and below the gum line. Your pet’s teeth are then polished to aid ease future plaque buildup. Any loose or badly infected teeth will be distant. Antibiotics may be requisite for mostly severe cases. These measures are carried out under a general anesthetic. Local anesthetic and pain relief are given when essential.

Just like your own dentist veterinarian Windsor use specialized dental instruments counting ultrasonic scalar, hand curettes, air driven drills and polishers. When required our team also do dental restorations and endodontic procedures to protect important teeth and to keep your four legged friend in great health.

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The month of February is particularly known as the National Pet Dental Health Month! To rejoice the same, team of Ambassador Animal Hospital have pulled together some of our superlative dental-health articles for cats and dogs, which you can page through, as well as the topmost reasons of caring for your pet’s teeth!

vets in windsor

Here are our uppermost reasons that team of vets in Windsor have pooled for you:

  1. A pet with hale and hearty teeth equals a pet with better breath!
  2. Dental disease can truly lead to glitches with your pet’s organs, such as the heart.
  3. Retained baby teeth can cause complications in pets too!
  4. Caring for your pet’s teeth can preclude other health problems and save you with tons of money over the long term!
  5. You on regular basis perform dental care and brush your teeth everyday – why wouldn’t your pets? Your veterinarian can help you acquire to brush your dog’s teeth and your cat’s teeth.
  6. Did you know that 4 out of 5 dogs over the age of 3 years suffer some sort of periodontal disease? It can further lead to buildup of plaque, so it’s imperative to go in for consistent dental checkups and cleanings.
  7. Pets that don’t get dental care can lose their teeth – this can be appallingly painful and cause grave health problems.
  8. Your dog and cat are very good at beating pain – you will never get to know that your pet has a serious dental problem until it’s very progressive. This is yet alternative reason to imperative to take your pet in for unvarying dental checkups.
  9. Your pets are tough on their teeth. Absorb the symptoms to keep your pet from suffering the pain of strictly worn teeth.
  10. Cram more about the prominence of dental care by visiting our Veterinarians in Windsor.

If you still have any questions or concerns, you should at all times visit or call your veterinarian as we are your preeminent resource to make certain the health and well-being of your pets properly.

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Pets come into our lives and change it for the better. They become our friends and enhance our existence. They are our constants throughout experiences good and bad. When we domesticate an animal, they become our responsibility. With unconditional love, they also require comprehensive care for a good health. Often dental care is overlooked or its importance is undermined.

Windsor vet clinic

We at Ambassador Animal, a Windsor vet clinic, work tenaciously to give your pets the best dental care. Is your pet suffering from gum and teeth problem? Fret not! Just visit our vet clinic. Our team of experts will attend to your beloved pet and look after its overall health and hygiene. Regular check-ups at a vet clinic are necessary as it helps keep your pets healthy and maintain their hygiene. Apart from our efficient dental care, our extensive Windsor veterinary services include:

  • Vaccination and medicine that eradicates serious or fatal health risks.
  • Dentistry, because just like humans, animals require regular clean-ups to protect them from fractured teeth and cavities.
  • Grooming, to maintain hygiene.
  • Soft tissues surgeries
  • Orthopaedic surgeries
  • Flea prevention
  • Laser therapy
  • Nutritional counselling

Just like you require a superior health care and dental system, your domesticated animals need one too. They should be seen by professionals having the necessary knowledge to diagnose them and skilfully treat them. Dental care mustn’t be taken lightly.

If you already haven’t consulted a veterinarian, it’s time to contact one now!

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