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Many pet parents skirmish with the comprehension that their pet is getting older. But it’s imperative to diagnose the signs of aging and take dealings to ensure your pet’s quality of life doesn’t change.
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Here at Ambassador Animal Hospital present you with vital things you can do in order to aid your pets.

Feed Your pet a Healthful of Diet

Good nutrition is significant at every age, but, according to experts, feeding your pet the correct nutrition in their senior years… is life-threatening to… keeping them active and playful.

Help Your pet Get Ample Exercise

Your dog may be decelerating down but that doesn’t mean he should devote his days curled up on the couch. Exercise is critical to keeping your pets healthy, both physically and mentally. Your pet may not be able to go on elongated hikes with you but shorter, less persistent walks will keep him feeling good.

Keep Your pet at a Healthy Weight

An extra pound on older dogs means more stress on their body, comprising joints and internal organs. If you feel your pets needs to hut a few pounds, talk with your Windsor veterinary about a weight loss and workout plan.

Schedule Regular Check Ups

A lot can happen in between vet visits. Our team of experienced and well- qualified vet’s recommends senior dogs see their vets at least every six months for a checkup. Many diseases and health issues, if caught early enough, can be cured.

Don’t Neglect Your Dog’s Teeth

Unvarying dental care is significant throughout your pet’s life but particularly for seniors. Our team advises the Caring for Your Senior pets says, “Older dogs and cats with abandoned teeth are time bombs ticking.” They further explain how tartar builds up can cause gingivitis, which can root bacteria to get into the bloodstream, inflicting havoc on your pet’s organ.

At this age our pets require more need and attention. It’s up to Windsor vet clinic to monitor their health and take best alternatives to safeguard our pets as healthy and happy as possible in their senior years.

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Let Expert Treat Your Pet’s Obesity

Obesity is a stern welfare concern in pets because in future it can cause suffering and can be extremely immobilizing. Further, it can affect your pet’s ability to perform natural comportments.  Pet’s obesity can also cause serious health problems and can even make prevailing problems shoddier and moreover, it can reduce the stretch and quality of your pet’s life.

We at AMBASSADOR ANIMAL HOSPITAL believe that obesity is the major threat for our pets and it need to be reduced in order to provide pets with best health. Vet in Windsor make it a point to provide best health care facilitates to your pets at affordable prices. Our well qualified and experienced team takes all the foremost steps in order to make your pets healthy and preventive from all major issues. The good news we bring with us is that mostly health issues are curable as well as preventive.

Our clinic is well equipped with all the basic as well as major facilities and the veterinarian Windsor undertakes many surgeries and even performs grooming to your pets at reasonable prices. We pushed to new era where we focus on the perfect well -being of the pets and so for that we introduced many vaccinations and medication to serve the pets for the best. With finest quality services, we have provided the waiting area for pets where they can wait for their vets in calm and soothing environment. Finally enjoy more years together with your pets by providing them with best health and care.

If you have any further questions or concerns, fell free to contact us at 519-971-3100 or  – as they are best resource to ensure your pet’s health and well -being.

Reasons Your Cat Is Shedding Her Coat So Often

We all love caressing our kitty’s smooth and silky furry back when she jumps up in our lap. But like our hair, cat’s coat also needs special attention. The coat protects the felines from heat, cold, wind and rain. It performs the sensory function and also produces vitamin D. But, there are certain reasons that can result in spreading your kitty’s hair all over your house.

These include:


•    Improper nutrition

Proper nutrition is the first and foremost factor that maintains your pet’s proper health. Deficiency of proteins, vitamins and fatty acids result in weakness in cats. They should be given a Omega 3 and Omega 6 rich diet to ensure that their fur receives proper moisture and nutrition.

•    Over-weight

If your cat is gaining weight, then it will affect her body’s overall health which will show in the health of her mane. Makes sure your cat is active. Go for strolls with her and play in park to ensure her fitness.

•    Age

As pets age, their body’s ability to function properly decreases and they start losing their coat.

•    Lack of grooming

Regular bathing of your cat is necessary to keep infectious diseases, itchiness or any flea/ticks at bay. Massage and brush her coat to keep it sleek and shiny.

•    Frequent baths

Too much baths are also not good for cats’ fur as it robs their skin of essential oils that keep their hair roots moisturized and strong.

•    Any infection or disease

Cats start to lose their fur very fast if they suffer from any infectious or severe disease. So, you should keep an eye on their behavior to examine their health patterns.

In order to know more about your cat’s health related problems, visit Ambassador Animal hospital which houses the best veterinarians in Windsor.

Tips To Car Travel With Your Kitty

Probably, one of the hardest things to do when you go on a holiday is to leave your pets behind because you cannot take them. But when you can, try to make the most of this opportunity by giving them the space and comfort they need. Here we are with few tips to ensure your kitty’s comfort and make it enjoyable for both of you.traveling wih your kittylive streaming movie Monsters, Inc. 2001

• Just as you like to be comfortable while travelling, so does your cat. The motion of the car will most probably lull your kitten into long naps. If you are travelling alone, let your kitty sleep in a carrier for her safety, with the seat belt to hold it in place beside you. If you are driving with a passenger, let your kitty lie on your copilot’s lap.

• Kitty’s need pit stops too. When you stop for gas or for yourself, utilize the time to feed and water her. Small kitten need to use the litter box right after they eat. So, make the necessary arrangements while travelling.
• It is better to hit the road during the milder weather months both for you and your kitty. This way you do not have to worry about your kitten getting too hot or cold and you can enjoy the sights in peace.

• When choosing a hotel, make sure to choose a pet-friendly hotel room to stay in while you are touring. You must do some research on the hotels. The ideal cat friendly room will have the bed flush with the floor, with no open space underneath for her to get lost.

For more information on taking care of your kitten, you can take help of veterinarians at Ambassador Animal Hospital in Windsor.

Is Your Pet Obese?

Obesity in pets is a concern more than ever. Possible consequences of inaction may be extreme for some pets. Dogs that are incapable of exercising or prone to retaining weight are the most at risk for becoming obese. It is common in dogs of all ages, but usually occurs in middle-aged dogs. Indoor or neutered dogs also tend to gain weight fast.
Obesity Symptoms

• Weight gain
• Excess body fat
• Inability (or unwillingness) to exercise
• An above-ideal score in a body condition assessment

If you are observing these symptoms in your pet, visit to your nearest Windsor veterinary. Your veterinarian will examine your dog palpate its ribs, lumbar area, tail and head. Then they will compare the test results with the breed standard. After examination, your veterinarian may suggest some changes in the diet and daily routine of your dogs. Early diagnosis proves to be very beneficial for combating the effects of obesity in dogs.trailer film Going in Style 2017

Ambassador Animal Hospital in Windsor is equipped to provide treatment for a wide range of health problems. We have been serving the Windsor area for many years now. We have handled many cases related to pet diseases. We are qualified and experienced to provide comprehensive treatment to your pets.

If you want to contact us, you can do that by calling us on 519-971-3100. You can also send us your query at Keep your eyes on our blog section for regular updates on pet care, health and treatment

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