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Dog Dental Care Guide For Busy Pet Owners

Posted by admin on February 15, 2016
Category : veterinarian

You ignore the hygiene of your own teeth and they will rot and fall off eventually. The same goes for your dog’s dentition! We understand that you find it difficult to take much time off your already busy schedule to cater to the other natural necessities of your pet, let alone brush his/her teeth daily like yours; here are some simple healthy dental tips you can benefit largely from (and they are easy-breezy!):

1.    If you are using the regular brush and paste method, one thing to absolutely remember is to use only pet paste and not the regular human toothpaste as some of its ingredients are not good for dogs.

2.    If your pet doesn’t like the taste of pet paste that much, try using Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) instead which is antiviral, antibacterial and a great material for maintaining the oral health of your pet.

3.    You can make the dental care routine more delicious for your dog with the use of those chewy dog treats designed to keep their canine teeth healthy. Vegetables like celery and lightly steamed carrots work as canine dental floss and help them keep their teeth polished while they gnaw on them.

Besides these, you can schedule a professional dental cleanup in the nearest Windsor vet clinic on your day offs from work (at least once a month). Ambassador Animal Hospital has a professional team of veterinarians and groomers to provide both dentistry and grooming services for pets. Get in touch today at 519-971-3100.