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Foods That Aid in Better Oral Health for Dogs

Posted by admin on February 29, 2016
Category : veterinarian

While we all know that brushing our pet’s teeth will get us rid of dental problems, or not let that happen in the first’s place, nobody has the time. It is a struggle in today age with busy schedules. But, we also cannot neglect this.

Lack of dental care leads to tartar buildup and bad breath problems, which regular brushing cannot solve alone. Consultation with a qualified veterinarian in Windsor is crucial to receive the right treatment. Depending on the condition of the teeth, your veterinarian may suggest a special dental diet. This type of diet includes food that control tartar and plaque in the mouths of dogs and cats. These foods have the same nutrient content as regular foods, but with additional formulations capable of cleaning teeth. Some foods have added coating to reduce dental plaque.Dental care

Dental diet foods and treats are available online or any local pet stores. But, you should put your dog in dental diet only after consultation with your veterinarian in Windsor. Your dog may be allergic to some of the foods, which may deteriorate the health of your dog. Also, there are concerns related to proper dosage and tolerance level of each dog. Visit your veterinarian for oral check up and follow the instructions to prevent dental problems in your dog. For dental treatment, visit Ambassador Animal hospital in Windsor, one of the most reputed veterinary clinics in Windsor area.

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