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Are Your Pets Suffering From Obesity?


Do your pets look tired or you feel your pet obese? Well, these signs of obesity are not meant to ignore.  Around 35% of pets are overweight in Canada. But for many owners obesity is not related to any kind of diseases as people sometimes feel obesity is indirectly related to chubbiness.  But these two are poles apart.

The veterinarians in Windsor are well qualified and well educated to treat your pets in best possible manner. Cats that are 10%- 20% over their ideal body weight are considered to be overweight. This obesity is not related to increasing diet of your pets but the symptoms of approaching disease. We at AMBASSADOR ANIMAL HOSPITAL treat your pets with utmost care and passion to provide your pets with best health.  With our nutrition diet, exercise and medication your pets can live long and healthy life. Yours pets’ weight should be just right to maintain their health as overweight and underweight are both the reasons of ill health of your pet.

We at our Windsor veterinary make the calm and peaceful environment for all the pets so that they can relax and wait for their turn. In addition we provide clients with numerous of services like grooming, dentistry, orthopedic and many more. Well trained team with expert professionals treats your pets like their own families.  With more than 20 years of experience, vets are proficient in their treatment and provide best health care to your pets.

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