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Are Dental Implants The Right Choice For Your Pets?


Dental implants have proved quite beneficial in improving the dental health of humans up to an average of 90-95%. Dental implants work a great deal in enhancing normal chewing and keep the normal jaw structure intact. The implants also act as supports for the neighboring teeth and help a great deal in preventing the erosion of the jaw bone. Besides, on the psychological level, a white sparkling smile boosts the self-esteem and instills confidence in the person undergoing some serious dental issues that also hampers his moral and social growth.

Are Dental Implants For Pets?

Human and pet dental structure differs a lot and so does the hygiene. Moreover, our little ones are not as concerned with the aesthetics as we generally are. So, when the topic of dental implants comes into the equation, then it needs to be seen in a different light: when we consider the question on the bodily level, then dental implants can certainly help to check the jaw bone loss which results in weakening of the jaw. Implants can help the pet to a great degree with teeth movement, encouraging neighboring teeth health and decreasing tooth root exposure; while on the other hand, the implants may not be successful in the long run!

Risks Involved in Pet Dental Implants
Dental implants need episodic anesthesia treatments and thus, such a cure may come with potential risks. Pain, swelling, nerve loss and infection are serious issues that may follow a dental implant. Since old animals are major patients of this treatment, the process can become a nightmare for them if the infection persists! On top of that, dental implants need routine dental care, otherwise; periodontal disease can wreak havoc on the implants. Since dental care in pets is a matter of occasion, you cannot expect the implants to remain in the best condition.

All in all, the high cost of implants combined with the potential risks involved, we can conclude that implants are not just your pet’s cup of tea. Instead, you should have a proactive attitude towards your pet’s dental problems and get the little one diagnosed from an experienced veterinarian in Windsor as soon as you notice any dental issue.

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